April 19, 2020 — Home, Week 5

On Monday I had to reschedule some things. Then again on Tuesday. On Wednesday I gave up planning my week. It was actually a good week – just unexpected. The main concern was the details of placing a new man at Delaware. Dealing with this and other matters meant at least one long phone or video call each day. We orient new ministers and staff the first week of June, and this year we are going to have to do that remotely. Each Area Coordinator has been assigned some role in producing this. I am responsible for recording a video on the rythms of campus ministry. We are holding a special Assessment next month, also remote, and I have been assigned some elements of that. For the first few weeks of the coronavirus lockdown we were wondering what we would do in the next months. Now that decisions have been made, our work is upon us.

This week I need to produce that video, and also prepare to preach in the Brown/RISD Large Group online on Friday.

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