April 13, 2020 — Home, Week 4

He is Risen! Alleluia!

Where does the time go? Even though I’m not able to visit campuses this month, it seems like every week is packed.

Last Monday the second of our two candidates for RUF minister at University of Delaware turned us down. He felt it would be unwise in the present circumstances to plan on moving across country at present. We were disappointed, but could hardly deny that such is a reasonable concern. So the major task last week was finding someone to lead the ministry there next year. In addition to coronavirus concerns, it is very late to be starting a process of hiring someone for June 1. I contacted a man who I thought was a long-shot, and he was very interested in the position. All week I worked to present him to the RUF committee, and on Saturday the committee voted to hire him! This week we need to work on a budget and other administrative matters.

We’re halfway through April! The end of the school year is rushing upon us. Some students are tired of video meetings, while others who have not been involved much in the past are welcoming the opporunity to connect with others, even if it is by internet.  Campus ministers are working on plans for ministry in the fall.

I took the weekend off (mostly) to set up a new computer for Ruth. Hers was eight years old and not up to modern tasks.

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