April 5, 2020 — Home, Week 3

It looks like we’re going to be here for a while. Last week our National Coordinator suspended all RUF travel and in-person activities until May 31. We continue with the phone and internet. I had three long video calls and numerous phone calls in addition to a lot of email communication. I’ve stayed well-connected to the other coordinators and to the campus ministers. I’m continuing to assist presbytery committees find men for Millersville and Delaware. They are making good progress. Nation-wide four men are in the process of being called to RUF starting in June, but who have not been assessed. We are developing virtual means of doing a reasonable assessment of them. RUF is also preparing for a virtual Orientation in case we cannot travel in June.

Most schools were on spring break in all or part of the previous two weeks. Everyone was back in class last week – in their living rooms! Students are already beginning to experience video burnout. Our campus ministers have established online Large Group Meetings, Bible Studies, Leadership Meetings, Prayer Meetings, and Social Activities – in addition to 1-1 counseling through video, email, text, etc. They will be adjusting these as we go to minimize video burnout.

My big project last week was to prepare and deliver a sermon at the Large Group Meeting of RUF at Brown University/Rhode Island School of Design. It was my first experience preaching to a computer screen! It seemed to go well.

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