March 1, 2020 — D.C. and Delaware

Ruth and I drove to D.C. on Tuesday for my visit to Howard University. Christopher was just released from quarantine after his flight from Wuhan and is now in D.C., so we arranged to have dinner with him. On the way he sent a message that he had come down with the flu – the “A” variety, not the Coronavirus. He got some medications and felt able to take us to an amazing Georgian restaurant. He has since recovered rapidly.

I spent Wednesday with Cyril Chavis while Ruth explored Howard. It is a very nice campus in the heart of D.C. Cyril is settling in and has made dozens of student contacts. We discussed different ways of proceeding to start a group at Howard. In the evening Ruth and Jenelle joined us for a delightful dinner.

We left early on Thursday and drove to Dover, Delaware where I met Daryl Wattley at Delaware State University. Daryl had invited five students to join us at lunch and we had a grand time with them. As Daryl becomes established at Del State the caliber of students in his ministry is noticeably climbing. I spent the afternoon with Daryl, then Ruth and Laria joined us for a wonderful dinner featuring live entertainment by baby Leia.

Daryl and I wrapped up our business over breakfast, then Ruth and I headed to Newark where we met the RUF committee chairman for Delaware. Meanwhile Kristy and Mike Hard arrived and set up for the training conference over the weekend. Kristy and Mike finished their work and the four of us were able to relax over dinner.

Students began arriving shortly after 8:00 Saturday morning and the conference ran until 8:30 PM. We had a good crowd of students and each of the four tracks had a good attendance. It was an excellent weekend. The final sessions were this morning and then we worshiped at Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Newark where we had the conference. Nick Owens, the RUF minister at the University of Delaware, preached at worship.

Ruth has a busy day tomorrow. I will be getting ready for this week’s trip to Rowan University in New Jersey.

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