January 26, 2020 — Providence

The big event last week was my trip to Providence and vicinity, but that was on Wednesday. On Monday I drove to Lancaster and had a nice lunch with Trip and Joy Beans. Trip is the campus minister at Millersville University and we had campus and presbytery matters to discuss in advance of the spring semester. I spent the rest of Monday and Tuesday catching up (it seems like I am always catching up!) and finished the most important  tasks.

I left promptly Wednesday morning and drove to West Hartford to meet Rob Gray. Rob was chairman of the RUF committee in Pittsburgh until he took a church in Connecticut. Rob is a Connecticut native and I value his perspective on ministry in New England. I continued to Providence to see David Sherwood, pastor at Trinity Presbyterian in Providence. I had not talked with David for a while and it was good to catch up. That night I joined the Brown and RISD student leaders at their first leaders meeting of the semester.

On Thursday I had lunch in Cambridge with the RUF committee chairman. Getting into Boston and back out took most of the day! I had dinner with one of the elders from Trinity Pres. and met with an intern that night.

I met with the other intern Friday morning, joined a conference call with other coordinators, and had lunch with Eddie Park, the campus minister for Brown and RISD on leave. That night I preached from Mark’s gospel, chapters 4-6, on the terrifying power and tender care of Jesus.

This was the first week of classes at Brown University and RUF appears off to a good start. I think I covered all the pastors and elders I need to keep up with. I drove home in the rain on Saturday.

Tomorrow Ruth and I will drive to Morgantown where I will leave her for the week while I visit Pitt and Penn State.

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