January 21, 2020 — Back on the Road

I left early on January 6 for a coordinators retreat. Most of us flew to Atlanta and drove to Birmingham where the parents of one coordinator provided a wonderful dinner. We spent the next two days in their nearby lakehouse. Will Huss, our new National Coordinator, led us in discussions about our core values and how we operate in general. We devoted considerable time to discussing improvements in staff training and assessment.

I left early Friday morning to return to the Atlanta airport where I met Ruth, coming from Bethlehem. We had a very nice vacation between RUF events.

We returned to the Atlanta airport (this place is becoming familiar!) on Thursday, January 16 where Ruth and I parted ways. She flew to Nashville for the RUF wives retreat, while I flew home. Ruth had a very good time in Nashville with other RUF wives and arrived home Sunday night tired, but satisfied with the weekend.

Meanwhile, on Friday I drove to Newport, RI for the planning retreat of RUF at Brown and RISD. I did a bit of teaching, and participated in some discussions. The student leaders led the discussions. They know what needs to be done and are doing a good job of leading the ministry. Newport was quite chilly and we got snow Saturday night, but the retreat accomplished its goals. We worshiped at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Providence on Sunday and then I drove home.

This week I’ll return to Providence to kick off the spring semester. I’ll be preaching on Mark chapters 5-7.

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