January 5, 2020 — It’s Still Christmas!

…for six more hours! We’ve had a wonderful Christmastide. We were able to make time for all our children and many extended family and friends. We had great food (too much, but not excessively too much), games, hikes, conversation, etc. I enjoyed writing a daily meditation on a few Christmas carols and posted them on Facebook. I am delighted with the clarinet the children gave me for Christmas. The children are all gone and tomorrow begins Epiphany. Peter and his family returned to Morgantown, and Daniel, Ginny, and Victoria drove to Ginny’s family in Annapolis last Friday (12/27). Benjamin returned to Pittsburgh on Saturday. We enjoyed Christopher and Stephen last week. Chris left on Thursday and Stephen left on Friday. Now its back to work!

Last week I spent a lot of time sharpening up my spring semester travel calendar. I also read a book and did other preparation for the Area Coordinators Retreat this week. And I got a bad cold which is slowing me down. I need to pull everything together tomorrow because I fly to Atlanta at 6:00 AM on Tuesday.

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