December 22, 2019 — Denver and back

Are you unusually busy this time of year, or is it just me? We had a good staff training in Denver two weeks ago. I had in-depth meetings with all the men I supervise, plus some. I flew home on Saturday, December 14 and arrived at bedtime. I was able to get a lot of work accomplished on the trip.

Last week was crammed with a variety of things. The first order of business on Monday was to get a Christmas tree. I arrived at the farm just in time to find and cut one and haul it out before dark. What did I do in the earlier part of the day? The second job last Monday was to post this report…

Wednesday evening I drove to JFK airport in New York to pick up Christopher flying in from China. It’s a 2½ hour drive and he arrived late, so we stayed there and drove home Thursday morning. Friday afternoon I had a long phone call to work on my RUF budget. RUF is trying to improve the budgeting process and some things have changed. In between these events I was responding to email, approving expense reports, decorating the Christmas tree, and occupying every spare moment with things to do.

Stephen arrived Friday night, Benjamin Saturday, and Daniel, Ginny, and Victoria also on Saturday. Ruth’s brothers and their families came on Saturday as well. Some of her brothers are leaving tonight and the rest tomorrow. Tomorrow all the Greens will relocate to a cabin south of Harrisburg to celebrate Christmas together.

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