December 8, 2019 — Providence

A new Sunday School quarter is approaching, and I have to get ready. My topic is “How to Stop Sinning – to the delight of your family and friends,” and I have a lot of preparation to do. I met with some pastors on Monday and tackled endless email until, finally on Tuesday afternoon I was able to knock out several lessons.

I headed back to Providence on Wednesday. The campus minister at Brown and RISD is on leave and I need to keep in touch with the students and interns there. I met with the student leaders Wednesday night, then spent Thursday meeting pastors in Cambridge and Warwick. Although I tried to avoid rush-hour traffic and carefully plotted my travels with Google Maps, I toiled through difficult traffic to Cambridge and worse on the return trip. I met people during the day on Friday and attended the final Large Group Meeting that night – a beautiful Lessons and Carols service which included a small orchestra.

Presently I am flying to Denver for December staff training. Pray for a good week and sufficient energy!

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