September 9, 2019 — Ready to Travel!

I’m in the airport waiting to board my flight to Mexico City to visit the RUF ministry there.

The summer is over! It was over for students and campus ministers several weeks ago, but the first few weeks of school are a terrible time for me to show up. Everyone is furiously busy reaching out to new and returning students and I would be in the way. I took care of a few details involving fall travel plans, met with Kristy to discuss office work, kept up with email, and put the house and garden in order for my absence. I had breakfast with our pastor and lunch with a friend who is willing to indulge a wild idea – bringing RUF-I to Lehigh University! Dr. Al Pense and his wife Muriel have had a phenomenal ministry to international students at Lehigh for decades. We think there might be a need and opportunity to bring some full-time assistance into this ministry. The obstacles are enormous. Only God could do this, but I see some signs He might.

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