September 15, 2019 — Mexico City!

I had a pleasant flight to Mexico City on Monday, but I was tired when I arrived at the hotel at 9:00 PM. A good night’s sleep set me on my way on Tuesday. The Large Group Meeting was solid and encouraging. Barush is a very good preacher and also a very good guitarist. We had light lunch after the meeting. Afterward I visited with Abby, the new intern from Washington state, who is fitting in well and loves being in Mexico City! Wednesday I had breakfast with Monse and then helped with English Club. Thursday I had a leisurely breakfast with Barush and then had dinner with Barush and Lanu with Monse. Friday morning I exercised, packed, and headed home.

The major question this year was what RUF would look like since a good many faithful members graduated last year. God has brought new people to replace them and the ministry continues to thrive. I talked with a Jewish student who became a Christian a couple of years ago, and talked with another young Christian for a half hour about evolution and the Bible. Barush and I discussed how to improve the ministry, especially how to manage style issues for maximum effect.

Barush mentioned that there are large churches in the Yucatan, and seminary graduates who cannot find ministry positions. We began to wonder if we could start RUF ministries in the universities there. A wild idea, but something to pray about!

On the return my connecting flight from Detroit was delayed 4 hours and it was almost 3:00 AM when I got home. A good sleep last night and a nap this afternoon have me ready to head out to Indiana, PA tomorrow. Ruth is coming, too!!!

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