August 25, 2019 — Bethlehem

This is the heat of the battle! Students are streaming onto campuses and the battle for their hearts and minds intensifies. RUF has been preparing for this all summer, and now our ministers, staff, students, and interns have joined the cosmic struggle. Pray for Jesus to be victorious through us in the lives of college students!

Meanwhile, no one has the time for their supervisor, so I was stationed in Bethlehem. My role, these weeks, is prayer and advice. I assisted several campus ministers with questions last week, and answered emails from people inquiring about our ministry here and there. And I reserved extra time for prayer. In addition, while posted here in Bethlehem, I had lunches with pastors and supporters, emails and phone calls with pastors interested in our work. I consulted with the campus ministers and reworked several of our conference documents. A couple of afternoons Kristy and I discussed the office work, particularly details pertaining to the fall conferences. Kristy is taking a huge load off our shoulders as she takes care of the mechanics of our conference events.

I planned our fall staff day which will be in October and sketched out the fall Sunday School. This week I hope to write many, if not all, of the Sunday School lessons for the fall.

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