August 18, 2019 — Doubling Gap

Most of last week Ruth and I were at Doubling Gap, west of Carlisle. We drove out on Tuesday and joined Peter and his family with students from West Virginia University for a pre-semester retreat. Ruth spent most of her time with the grandchildren. It was a wonderful visit! The retreat center has lots of outdoor and indoor space for the childern and students. I participated in most of the retreat activites. Peter did a marvelous job leading it. He organized the meals, taught eight sessions, and led a three-hour hike to Flat Rock! I led a Bible study, preached a sermon, and interacted with the students throughout the time. A Lehigh alumnus, Rick Noecker, was in town, and he gave a compelling presentation on “Life After RUF.” The retreat ended with a massive thunderstorm which took out the power and scotched our bonfire. The students spent the last evening instead playing games by the light of their cell phones. This was the first pre-semester retreat for Peter and WVU RUF. There is room for improvement in future years, but it was a terrific success!

We were exhausted by Friday. Everyone packed up and headed home after breakfast. I came down with a terrible cold, so that was the end of my week. I spent most of Saturday resting, but I am back on my feet today.

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