August 11, 2019 — Bethlehem Again

I had three major priorities last week: 1) Details of travel plans, 2) Training Conference documents, 3) Retreat preparations. The previous week I had sketched out my fall calendar. Last week I planned each day in most of September and October, booked a flight, and reserved hotels. I’m ready to resume traveling. I finished creating about ten documents for our training conferences and subitted them for review. I wrote two devotional guides and a sermon for the pre-semester retreat of RUF at West Virginia University. Ruth and I will be traveling to Carlisle on Tuesday for the retreat.

Kristy and I were in the office at the same time twice last week, so we discussed upcoming tasks and events. I caught up with several people around town and took care of medical appointments and car inspection in addition to regular chores. Those are the sort of things that get neglected when the semester begins.

This week we’ll be at the West Virginia University retreat from Tuesday until Friday.

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