May 27, 2019 — SuCo Week 3

Our final week of summer conference! God gave us great weather all three weeks, for which we are very thankful. God also gave us wonderful messages from His word each night. Last week’s preacher was Russ Whitfield, pastor of Grace Mosaic Church in D.C. and cross-cultural advisor to RUF. I taught a seminar on “Finding God’s Will” that spanned four days. Trip and Joy Beans were there with the Millersville students and we had a delightful dinner with their family. Benjamin also came, with a friend from Grove City.

We began packing up on Thursday and spent all day Friday traveling home. We’re still unpacking! Saturday we attended a retirement dinner for Don Stone, our recently retired pastor, and yesterday we drove to the Maryland border for a Memorial Day picnic with a Lehigh alumnus. The lawn and garden are in reasonable shape, but we’ll spend all this week settling back into home. Then I’ll be off again next week!

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