June 3, 2019 — Transition to Summer

We were home all last week! It was a transition from the spring semester routines to summer, and featured RUF activities mixed with household chores. I met with Kristy, replied to email, made phone calls, updated the financial records, etc. while working in the yard and garden, completing a basement project, and other chores. We took time off Wednesday night to attend a cookout and Bible study at our new pastor’s house. A thunderstorm introduced confusion to the evening such that we never got around to the Bible study, but we had a wonderful evening visiting. By Saturday evening we were exhausted, so we had a relaxed dinner at Nick’s, a local restaurant. After we went to bed Ruth’s brother Peter and his wife and youngest son arrived to spend the night. Peter and Karen left yesterday morning for a conference in New York, leaving PJ with Ruth for a few days.

We have more weeks at home during the summer, interrupted by weeks away – four in June and July. At the moment I am flying to Dallas for Orientation for new RUF ministers and interns. I hope to keep up with other work while there, especially preparing performance reviews for the ministers I supervise. Ruth is staying home this time.

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