May 19, 2019 — SuCo Week 2, etc.

Last week was a more typical summer conference week for me. I spent the mornings working at my desk and afternoons visiting with people on the beach. I met with the campus ministers I supervise who are here. Ruth and I took Nate and Naomi Bower to dinner one night, and on the night all the campus groups go out to dinner, we went out with Daryl and Laria Wattley, and Russ and Vanessa Whitfield and their children.

I spent more time than I wished preparing for a seminar I will be teaching this week. The topic is “Finding God’s Will,” and I had a complete set of notes from previous seminars. This year I was given four days, however, and it took some time to reconfigure the material for four days. I also learned how to post my handout on the conference app.

Ruth and I took a break from Summer Conference to attend Benjamin’s graduation this weekend. We left Florida Friday morning, flew to Pittsburgh, and drove to Grove City in time for the Baccalaurate service that night. The Reverend Rufus Smith IV, senior pastor of Hope Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Memphis, gave a powerful message on cultivating a life of meekness. We woke up Saturday morning to the threat – or promise – of rain. The Commencement ceremony was set up outside, and indeed it began to rain as the time approached. It never rained hard, and Commencement continued with the help of umbrellas. Remarkably, I didn’t hear anyone complaining! Ben Sasse, senator from Nebraska gave a very insightful and inspiring speech.

Benjamin had to evacuate his room by 3:00, so Ruth and I toiled mightily to haul his many worldly goods out of his dorm and into his car. Benjamin drove to his apartment in Pittsburgh, while Ruth and I recuperated at our hotel.

Now we’re in the Pittsburgh airport again, waiting for our flight to Atlanta and Panama City, Florida. We expect to get into our room at 11:30 PM. My seminar begins at 9:15 in the morning!

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