April 26, 2019 — Maryland Plus

This has been a full, but satisfying week. I intended to head to Maryland on Monday, but when I heard that Peter’s family was staying a few days past Easter, I decided to delay my departure one day. We had a pleasant morning with Peter’s children at the park on Monday. I set out Tuesday morning in time to have lunch with Jacob Jasin, the RUF-International minister at Johns Hopkins. This is Jacob’s first year, so he is still learning his way around and getting settled. He bought a house! It is still under construction and we were able to check it out. Then he showed me the house where they host ministry events – an old, beautifully restored rowhouse on Calvert Street. Pray for God to bring much fruit from Jacob’s ministry.

Tuesday night I had a nice dinner with Chris Garriott and his interns, Emily and Josh. Wednesday I met in succession with Chris, Josh, Mike Sharrett, and Emily. Mike is the interim pastor at Wallace Presbyterian Church which is the base church for RUF at Maryland. We have many mutual friends, but I had never met him before. Super guy!

My plan for Wednesday evening was dinner with a Lehigh alum. I had not seen Drew since he graduated, and had never met his wife and new baby. The traffic was awful, and it took 3 hours to get to their house. But we had a wonderful evening featuring an amazing dinner and entertainment by the baby.

Thursday morning I met a student and an alum from Maryland, both of whom are serious about pursuing ministry. I spent mid-day touring Howard University where we are planning to begin a ministry this fall, and had coffee with Russ Whitfield, a local pastor and colleague in RUF. In the evening I picked up my coat from Seamas and Lindsay Whitesel whom I had visited in March. It was wonderful to have an unexpected extra visit with them. I was tempted to leave my coat behind again.

I had offered to preach at Brown University, and I had begun preparing a sermon in my spare time this week. I spent Thursday night close to BWI airport, and flew out Friday morning. I preached that night and I think my sermon ministered to the Brown/RISD students. (Manuscript here.) But getting there was a challenge. There were long delays at every step of the journey. And while I was supposed to arrive in Providence shortly after noon, I finally arrived after 5:00. Fortunately I was able to put the finishing touches on my sermon along the way. Eddie, the campus minister, and I had a very good conversation after the meeting.

I just finished lunch in the Philadelphia airport. In a little bit I will fly back to Baltimore and retrieve my car and drive home. I’m hoping for dinner with Ruth! And nothing special is scheduled for tomorrow. Amazing! Next week we prepare for three weeks in Florida.

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