May 5, 2019 — Gardening!

Don’t you think that gardening is an appropriate activity for ministers? Adam was a gardener, Noah was a vinter, and Mary met Jesus in the garden after His resurrection.

This week I had three ministry events. I met with the local pastors in our presbytery, I spent most of an afternoon with Kristy Hard, my assistant, and I met with a pastor in New Jersey. Of course every day is punctuated with email and other communication vehicles. We spend most of May at the RUF summer conference in Florida, so Kristy will be handling everything in the office this month. She does an amazing job! I had a few things to go over with her and wanted to make sure she was all set for our departure. On Wednesday I met with David Rowe, pastor in Lawrenceville, NJ. He is eager to start RUF at Princeton and he wanted me to meet a man in his church who is working there. We had a delightful lunch. There is much more to do before we can begin working at Princeton, but I am increasingly encouraged at the possibility.

Much of the week was spent preparing for our long absence, and gardening was a major part of that. Rain was predicted every day, so every day when I got up and saw no rain, I hustled to do one gardening chore. It turns out that it didn’t rain any day, so by Thursday I accomplished everything that needs to be done at the end of April. I even found a time which was dry enough and still enough to spray for weeds!

We got up early on Friday and finished getting ready for our departure. We drove to Grove City and spent the weekend with Benjamin at the Grove City College Family Weekend. This afternoon we drove to Pittsburgh and caught a flight to Panama City, Florida, where we’ll be for the next three weeks.

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