April 22, 2019 — Christ is Risen!

Christ is Risen! Alleluia!

I hope you are having a blessed Easter holiday! Daniel, Ginny, and Victoria arrived Friday afternoon, followed a short while later by Peter, Megan, Eli, Amelia, and Isaac. Benjamin arrived that night. We’ve had a wonderful weekend with a house packed full of adults and toddlers. Daniel’s family and Benjamin left today. Peter’s family will stay until Wednesday.

I spent last Monday at Westminster Seminary meeting with students who might be interested in ministry with RUF. Most of the rest of the week was in the office dealing with reports, travel plans for the summer, and miscellaneous items. We had enough days without rain that I was able to turn over the garden on Wednesday and plant the early crops on Thursday and Friday. Natasha Goodlin brought Jonas (3 years old) and Harper (2) over for a visit on Thursday, and they helped dig the garden.

The house looks like toddlers have been busy everywhere. I just came in from setting up a stomp rocket for them in the back yard. Tomorrow I head to Maryland to visit Chris Garriott at the University of Maryland – my last campus visit of the semester.

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