April 1, 2019 — Heading West

Last Monday all the Mid-Atlantic staff converged on Newark, Delaware for our spring staff meeting. Those from Pittsburgh and Ohio spent Sunday night part way and finished the trip Monday morning. We had a grand time! We worshiped, Nate and Michael led an engaging discussion of a book they’d read, we prayed for each other, we discussed some business, and shared what’s happening. Trip and Joy Beans hosted some heading back west Monday night while Michael and I returned to Bethlehem.

Tuesday morning Ruth and I set out for a long trip west. I deposited Ruth in Indiana, PA and continued to Elwood City for a meeting with pastors considering an RUF ministry at Slippery Rock University. It was a very good meeting and they had a lot of questions about how RUF works. I spent Wednesday with Oliver Pierce on the campus of Indiana University of Pennsylvania, including lunch with a student and coffee with the church planter in town. Our visit ended with a wonderful dinner with Oliver, Kim, and Emelia.

Ruth and I got on the road early on Thursday to visit Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Pittsburgh. I presented RUF and Ruth shared what it is like to be the wife of an RUF minister. The folks at RPTS always give us a warm welcome.

From Pittsburgh we drove to Morgantown, WV to visit Peter and Megan and the grandchildren. Peter and I spent Friday on our computers while Ruth played with the grandchildren. On Saturday Peter and I worked on a house project. Sunday was another early departure as we drove to Hagerstown and worshiped at the PCA church there. We had lunch with my brother Dale and his wife Debbie before heading to Severna Park for a birthday party for Victoria, Daniel and Ginny’s daughter. The birthday party was delightful, and we drove home this morning.

I am presently having dinner in Nyack, NY, en route to Connecticut. My intended restaurant is being renovated, so I am in a very loud establishment celebrating 25 years in business. This week and next week are packed with meetings in New England.

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