March 24, 2019 — Maryland and Delaware

There is so much going on in Maryland that I can’t visit everyone during my trip to see Chris Garriott at the University of Maryland – so I added a week for an assortment of meetings. The week began by meeting a pastor and his wife to discuss the church we hope to start in Stony Brook, Long Island. My Monday evening meeting was canceled, so I worked on our newsletter coming out this week.

Tuesday morning I met with a pastor to discuss starting RUF at University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). Money has become available, and we’re looking at beginning this work in 2021. I drove over to the UMBC campus and discovered what a commuter campus is like during spring break. No one was there! It was erie. I spent Tuesday evening with Lehigh alumni and supporters.

Wednesday morning I drove out to Fairfax, VA for coffee with Matthew Delong, RUF-I minister at George Mason University. Back to Alexandria to meet the RUF committee chairman and discuss new ministries at Howard University and regular RUF at George Mason. Then coffee with someone considering several RUF positions. We had a delightful meeting, then I hustled back home to pick up Ruth.

Ruth accompanied me to the University of Delaware in Newark, DE. I spent much of Thursday with Nick Owens discussing his ministry there. Our wives joined us for dinner that night. We stayed for the Large Group Meeting Friday night. Even though students are tired from recent exams, there was a very good spirit. Nick preached a solid sermon from Ephesians and many students hung around afterward. This ministry continues its steady, impressive growth.

Ruth and I headed home yesterday and I finished our taxes! Tomorrow we have our spring staff meeting, back in Delaware, and then Ruth and I head west.

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