April 6, 2019 — New England, Part 1

I am so glad I did not wait until Tuesday morning to set off for my New England trip! I had decided to go part way Monday evening, and it took a good bit longer than it should have. Tuesday morning I drove the rest of the way to Newton, MA for lunch with a pastor there to discuss multiple RUF issues in New England. It was a very helpful meeting. Next I met with the RUF committee chairman for the Southern New England Presbytery. I ended the afternoon having coffee with Nathan Dicks and Solomon Kim in Boston. Then I fought the Boston traffic and drove to Peabody.

I had breakfast Wednesday with a student at Gordon-Conwell seminary. He is a former RUF intern whose wife grew up in Connecticut and is interested in campus ministry in New England! We had an excellent conversation, then I drove to Providence and had lunch with Eddie Park. Eddie and I spent part of Thursday together, and when I was not meeting with Eddie, I was preparing a sermon for Friday night and keeping up with the email.

Friday I participated in the biweekly coordinators video conference, and preached at the Brown/RISD Large Group Meeting that evening. They are always a receptive audience. You can read the sermon manuscript here. This morning I drove to Manchester, NH to talk with the pastor there about our plans to begin an RUF ministry at Southern New Hampshire University. I met another pastor this afternoon, then headed to Portland, Maine.

I am presently having dinner in downtown Portland. Tomorrow I will worship at the PCA church here, then meet with the pastor Monday morning.

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