March 17, 2019 — Dallas, Millersville, New Jersey

Yep, it’s the busiest part of the semester. Two weeks ago I was in Dallas for the spring meeting of our national oversight committee. RUF is in good shape, and the meetings went smoothly. While there a new National Coordinator was announced! You can read about Will Huss here. We are pleased that Will has been chosen. The General Assembly will make the final appointment at our meeting in June.

I hustled back home Wednesday night (March 6) for meetings with seminary students on Thursday and Friday and to get ready for the training conference last weekend. Six schools are now participating and it has become too much for one campus minister to organize and lead, so I resumed leadership. The secret to our success is my assistant, Kristy Hard, who did all the behind-the-scenes work. She and her husband Mike spent Friday night and all day Saturday helping everything to go smoothly. I taught one track, and three others were offered. It was a wonderful weekend. There is a brief report here, with pictures on the sidebar.

I hustled back home again on Sunday (March 10) to attend a memorial service and pick up Ruth for our New Jersey visit. The focus of the trip was seeing Brent and Juli Kilman at Rowan University, but along the way we had a grand time with some old friends and supporters. Brent is in his second year, and his ministry is moving along rapidly. I had lunch with some students and was impressed by how mature they are.

We returned home Tuesday night and Wednesday I drove to Mt. Bethel, PA for the annual retreat of our presbytery. It was a good several days with those men. Some of the younger ones coaxed me into playing basketball one afternoon. I survived, as did everyone else, and I was only a little stiff the next day.

Tomorrow I head to Maryland to meet with pastors and supporters, then over to the University of Delaware.

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