January 14, 2019 — Meetings

I’m on vacation, so I’ll be brief. Last week was full of meetings. Monday I joined the local PCA pastors for lunch and Tuesday I met with the RUF committee of our presbytery. In the office I worked with Kristy getting ready for our spring student training conference.

On Wednesday I flew to Atlanta for a meeting of all Area Coordinators. I arrived early, so I was able to have a very enjoyable lunch with an old classmate and supporter. We covered a lot of topics in our Area Coordinators meeting – what we expect in our weekly student meetings, how we supervise staff, financial policies, the healthy way to start new ministries – to name a few. Before I flew out on Friday I had a long phone call with a man who might become a campus minister.

This week is our annual winter vacation. We’re having a wonderful time. Next week I’ll be back on the road.

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