January 6, 2019 — Home Again!

Today I swapped the pulpit for the lectern – I’m back at Lehigh Valley Presbyterian Church teaching Sunday School. I had a great time in Alaska and the people there were wonderful, but it’s even more wonderful to be back home.

Last week I preached my final sermon at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Kenai, Alaska, after which a couple invited me to lunch. The first half of the week was low-key. I prepared a month of Sunday school lessons on Monday and took Tuesday off for reading. On Wendesday my hosts gave me a tour of Kenai and Nikiski, then I boarded my flight home and arrived 22 hours later. The last half of the week I have been swamped catching up with five weeks of mail and chores that have accummulated in my absence.

I have almost completed my spring travel schedule, and hope to finish that this week. I fly out again on Wednesday for a meeting of Area Coordinators in Atlanta.

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