January 20, 2019 — RUF Interest

Ruth and I had a wonderful time together last week. I returned home on Thursday while Ruth went to the RUF wives retreat. Friday I raced from one meeting to another, two of which were with men interested in joining RUF as campus ministers. One just heard of RUF, so after hearing his story I spent the rest of the time introducing him to our ministry. The second man has some knowledge of RUF and is very eager to join us. I finally had a break to call Ruth in the evening.

Saturday it was Ruth’s turn to be swamped with activity at the wives retreat. I spent most of the day preparing for upcoming travels by purchasing airline tickets, booking hotels, etc. and we talked in the evening. I enjoyed the time with Benjamin, who returned to Grove City College today for his final semester.

I was supposed to fly to Burlington tomorrow, but United canceled my flight due to weather concerns. I decided to drive, and am spending the night in Saratoga Springs where they received two feet of snow this morning.

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