December 16, 2018 — Alaska!

This morning I preached my second sermon here in Kenai, Alaska – the third Sunday in Advent. I feel as though I am slowly getting to know the congregation and am enjoying the opportunity to minister here. If only Ruth could be with me!

Last week I settled into a productive routine. I drove 10 minutes to Soldatna and jogged a short distance in the fitness center, then showered, dressed, and drove 15 minutes to Kenai where I worked in the conference room of Paul Hadfield’s mission – Arctic Barnabas Ministries. On the way back to the Hadfield house in the afternoon I stopped by the fitness center for a substantial workout. I kept busy all week with phone calls, emails, preparation, etc., and preparing a sermon for today. I began thinking about my spring semester travel schedule and other upcoming activites. Paul and Sarah Hadfield, their twin boys, their dog, and two cats were exceedingly hospitable. Sarah fed us well, Paul helped me find my way around, and the kids and animals entertained us. One of the cats attempted to sleep with me, but had to leave because of a coughing fit. The dog came to visit one night.

Today I moved to Britt and Chris Cook’s house where I’ll stay for the duration. Chris served smoked salmon for lunch and chicken with amazing trimmings for dinner. Her brother Phil, his wife Chris, and son Paul joined us for dinner and we had vigorous conversation. Britt and Chris have a machine that makes coffee in seconds all day!

It is snowing – again. We’re expecting five to ten inches tonight. It seems to snow about three to four times per week here, but in quantities of several inches at a time. However with temperatures in the teens and dim sunlight, the snow never melts. People here like the snow, and they just drive and walk over and through it. We had a six inch snowfall Friday night, so they plowed some of the roads. They don’t salt the roads because salt is too expensive to ship up here. I would rather walk on snow than salty slush, but it would be hard for anyone unsteady on their feet to get around. It is as light as it gets by 10:00 AM, and darkness begins to set in by 3:00 PM. I’m not minding the darkness as much as I thought I might.

David in Kenai 2 crop 1

David in Kenai 6 crop 1

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