December 23, 2018 — More Alaska

Last week was much like the previous. I exercised, prepared worship and sermons, and worked on spring RUF activities. Last Sunday I moved from the Hadfield house to the Cooks. Britt and Chris are the parents of Peter’s wife Megan. They don’t have any animals, but they are extremely hospitable. Chris’s brother Phil and his wife Chris and son Paul joined us for dinner one night. Another night we had a family in the church plus Phil. Did I say they have 24 hour coffee here?

Last week, in addition to preparing a sermon and worship for today, I prepared the Christmas Eve service and sermon. I did not want to be furiously finishing that during the day on Christmas Eve. This week I will prepare my final sermon for this Alaska sojourn. One day I received a call from someone attached to this congregation who is in terrible pain. He has had several significant surgeries, and the pain medication has created additional problems. I visited him, and this afternoon I will take the Lord’s Supper to him and his wife. Pray for this man!

It would be easy to be a weather forecaster in Alaska during the winter. If you predicted snow every day, you would have a better record than most weather men. Today it is a warm 20°. Drivers keep a healthy distance between each other and slow down considerably when making turns. I have seen only one accident. In the fitnes center I heard someone say it was snowing six inches per hour in “the pass,” which is on the road to Anchorage. Later we learned that six feet of snow fell there. I’m glad I plan to fly out when I leave Kenai.

You can find a manuscript of today’s sermon on this website under the Resources tab, or go here.

Last week’s sermon is here.

And the previous week is here.

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