December 9, 2018 — Staff Training

I wrote last weeks’s post while I was waiting in the airport to board the plane for Denver and our RUF winter staff training. The first leg of the trip was to Atlanta. That flight was delayed because the co-pilot’s father was killed in an accident just before the plane landed in Bethlehem. Delta flew the co-pilot to San Diego and brought in a replacement for us. I was able to read all the fall and winter reports from the ministers I supervise on the flight to Atlanta. The delay meant I missed my connecting flight, so I was rebooked on a much later flight. By then I was exhausted, so I slept from Atlanta to Denver and arrived shortly before midnight. I rallied enough energy to finish preparing for Monday’s meetings before going to bed.

Monday was non-stop, with meetings from 8:00 AM until 10:00 PM, but God sustained me and I think all my meetings were productive. Tuesday was much the same, but I did find time in the afternoon for a bit of exercise. The rest of the week was not quite so relentless. I met with the men I supervise to review the fall semester and look toward the spring. I also caught some other staff and coordinators to discuss various topics, and participated in placing new interns on campuses. By Friday afternoon I was free to get some exercise and hit the sack early.

I had to rise at 4:00 AM yesterday in order to catch my flight to Alaska. The trip was smooth, aided by a free upgrade to First Class on the leg to Seattle and Comfort Plus on the leg to Anchorage. I used the flight to finish my sermon and make notes for the Liturgy of the Supper today. Paul Hadfield picked me up at the Kenai airport. I will be staying with Paul and Sarah this week.

I had a good night’s rest and felt reasonably ready for worship this morning at Redeemer Presbyterian Church. No one walked out of my sermon, so it appears to have been helpful. You can find a manuscript of my sermon here.

Sarah prepared a lavish dinner which we shared with some guests. The Cooks (Peter’s in-laws) lent me a Jeep for my time here, so I expect to find my way around this week as I prepare for next Sunday and keep up with RUF matters.

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