December 2, 2018 — Preparation

I’m in the airport again, waiting to board the plane for RUF staff training in Denver. Today is the first day of the Advent season, in which we remember the long wait for the Savior, and prepare for His return. I got a jump on Advent. I spent last week preparing – for five weeks away – a week at staff training and four weeks serving a church in Alaska that is currently without a pastor.

A major component of last week was finishing household chores and projects which were best done before I leave. In the early part of the week I wrote my piece and assembled the winter RUF newsletter. Kristy sent it to the printer on Friday. On Wednesday I drove to Lawrenceville to meet with a pastor interested in starting RUF at Princeton or one of the other local universities. That was a very encouraging meeting. There is a lot of work to do in the next several years, but I am optimistic about the prospects of a second RUF ministry in New Jersey. On Thursday I met Michael Goodlin to review his fall semester at Lehigh. It has been a tiring semester, but Michael is doing good work. Friday featured a long conference call with the other coordinators and a meeting with Michael and Kristy to discuss and decide on the best way to register students for conferences. Yesterday I had a list of chores not yet completed – and packing. There are always things to do, but I feel ready for my trip.

This week all my dinners are booked, primarily with the men I supervise to discuss their recent report and look to the spring semester. On this flight I will review those reports, send out the weekly prayer requests, and finish preparing for a group meeting with my men tomorrow afternoon. More preparing! This week I also need to prepare a sermon for next Sunday. Pray for concentration and stamina!

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