November 25, 2018 –Thanksgiving!

We had a very satisfying Thanksgiving week, and I hope you did, too. Benjamin arrived in time for dinner on Monday, and Daniel, Ginny, and Victoria arrived Wednesday afternoon. Victoria, 19 months, spent her whole day toddling around the house providing a running commentary, completely unintelligible, on everything she saw. Ruth’s mother joined us on Thanksgiving Day. Ginny prepared the potatoes and pumpkin pie. It was also Ruth’s nth birthday, so we sang to her and presented cards and gifts. Ginny’s sister sent a wonderful chocolate cake for the occasion. That evening Christopher and Stephen called her from Korea. It was a good week, and our family has much for which to be thankful.

Meanwhile, I kept up a modicum of RUF activity and worked on some house projects. I stopped in the office to chat with Kristy and we ended up in a lengthy and fruitful consultation. We’re beginning to prepare for my absence in December and for next year’s activities.

I leave for RUF staff training next Sunday and fly from there to Alaska where I will be pastor-in-residence for a month for a church that is between pastors. This week I need to prepare everything in our ministry and household for a month’s absence.

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