November 18, 2018 — Pittsburgh and State College

Ruth and I had a grand time watching Benjamin perform in “Brigadoon” at Grove City College last Saturday. We went to church with him, then dropped him off at school after lunch while we continued to Pittsburgh.

On Monday we had a delightful dinner with Derek and Luda Bates at The Abbey, which featured large entrees and small desserts – all delicious. Derek kept me busy with meetings at the University of Pittsburgh all day Tuesday, ending with a student-led Bible study. We bid Pittsburgh and Derek farewell on Wednesday morning at the Square Cafe, then headed to State College. We arrived in time for lunch with Joe and Melissa Dentici, but Melissa had to stay home for the furnace repair man. They had lost heat in the night. Ruth visited with Melissa at home while I spent the afternoon with Joe. The children had planned a birthday party for Joe that night, so Ruth and I had a quiet dinner at TGI Friday’s across from our hotel.

Joe and I spent much of Thursday together at Penn State, including lunch with his intern. I went back to the hotel for a bit of exercise before dinner with student leaders and the subsequent Large Group Meeting. It had begun snowing, and by dinner time there was a lot on the roads. I had not brought a coat, hat, gloves, or boots – and we had not yet put the snow equipment into our car – so it seemed unwise to risk driving downtown and attempting to find parking for dinner. Ruth and I returned to TGI Friday’s – which was short staffed and was only serving burgers and wings. Instead of the Large Group Meeting we took advantage of the TV in the hotel to watch a football game, but fell asleep in the middle.

In the morning I asked to borrow a shovel to get to our car, but one of the hotel staff insisted on clearing the snow for us. We got on the road by noon, and by then the roads were clear. Ruth’s afternoon class in Allentown was canceled, so there was no rush getting home. Yesterday our painter worked in the basement and I was able to spend the whole afternoon doing office work.

We’re expecting Benjamin tomorrow and Daniel, Ginny, and Victoria on Thursday – so this will be a lively week. May you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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