October 21, 2018 — Maryland and Delaware

My goal last Monday was to get to College Park so that I could attend a meeting Tuesday morning. I had lunch with a pastor to discuss a church planting opportunity, met with another friend, and visited with Jacob Jasin, our new RUF-I minister for Johns Hopkins. I do not supervise RUF-I ministers, but I promised Jacob I would visit him when I was in the area. It was also good to revisit my old university neighborhood. By then it was rush hour, so I lingered over dinner and drove to College Park after the rush.

The chairman of the Potomac Presbytery RUF committee contacted me in August to request my presence at this fall meeting. This presbytery had been discussing beginning several new RUF ministries, and it was time to make a decision. I enjoyed the morning with these men, and they voted to begin RUF ministries at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, and at Howard University in Washington, D.C! We discussed a time table, finances, and possible candidates. This is an exciting move! Afterward I met with a former RUF intern who is considering applying to be an RUF minister.

Tuesday evening I had a delightful dinner with Chris Garriott and his interns. I was starting to feel a sore throat coming on, and by Wednesday I felt terrible. I had breakfast with Chris Wednesday morning, lunch with one intern, followed by coffee with another. Then I took a nap. I gathered enough energy to attend the Large Group Meeting that night and heard an excellent sermon from Chris. I was grateful to be able to sleep all night.

Thursday morning I met with the president of Maryland RUF, a young man who is considering ministry. Then I set out for Dover, Delaware. Along the way I had lunch with another former intern who might return to Mexico with us when he finishes seminary. I had two important phone calls, and finally arrived in Delaware in time to see Daryl Wattley, our campus minister at Delaware State University. We had coffee and dinner, and at that point I had to call it a day.

I was glad for another long night’s sleep and woke up with enough energy to meet Daryl for breakfast Friday morning. What a difference a year makes! Last year at this time Daryl was discouraged because most of his students did not return to the university due to financial and other problems. This year all of last year’s students returned, and they had the best ever freshmen outreach! Also, a crew of musically talented freshmen have formed a worship team for RUF. And Bible studies are going in several locations. Daryl thought he would master campus ministry in two years, but no one does. I keep saying it takes about six years before a ministry begins to look like it should. Daryl is very gifted and is doing a fine work at Delaware State. I joined a conference call with other coordinators mid-day, then took another nap. I attended the Large Group Meeting and heard Daryl give a wonderful sermon on loving your enemies. I was feeling slightly better, but still hit the sack immediately after the meeting.

Daryl was taking a group of students into D.C. on Saturday, but he had time for a quick breakfast first. By then I was feeling definitely better, and drove home after breakfast. I spent Saturday resting and doing light tasks, and was able to teach my Sunday School class this morning.

I am about to board my flight to Atlanta for Intern Training. I will be teaching tomorrow and interacting with interns this week.

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