October 15, 2018 — Mexico City

We had a wonderful weekend with Ruth’s side of the family celebrating the wedding of her nephew on the 6th and the birthday of her niece on the 7th. We drove home from North Carolina on Monday, the 8th.

I got up at 3:30 am on Tuesday to board a plane for Mexico so that I could arrive in time for their Large Group Meeting that afternoon. I dozed only briefly, but managed to maintain good energy until evening. The ministry in Mexico City continues to engage the campus. The big news this fall was the unusual number of political demonstrations and the accompanying violence. This had some effect on ministry as classes were canceled on some days. But last week the Large Group Meeting was well-attended and spirits were good. Last year they began a Bible study at Aragon, a branch campus, and this year they added an English Club there. I met with Monse Wednesday morning and then participated in the English Club. I had a good time with Barush and Lanu on Thursday. I returned on Friday in time for a Bible study meeting that was part of a mission conference. I did household chores on Saturday and returned to the mission conference at Proclamation Presbyterian Church on Sunday.

Today I headed south for my visit to the University of Maryland, meeting people along the way. Later this week I will drive over to Delaware to visit Delaware State University.

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