October 28, 2018 — Atlanta and Millersville

I just returned from an invigorating walk and am looking forward to a cozy evening at home. A week ago I was flying to Atlanta for RUF Intern Training. I had a good flight, was able to do some work en route, and got to bed at a reasonable hour. The end of my cold was still lingering, but I think I did a credible job with my Monday morning teaching session. I normally interact with interns and staff during training, but this time I kept a low profile due to my cold.

I returned on Wednesday and spent Thursday and part of Friday on household chores, email, phone calls, and miscellaneous work. Friday afternoon I drove to Millersville to be ready for an early start of our student training conference Saturday morning. I taught the track “Biblical Discipleship” and it went very well. I still have minor cold symptoms, but a good night’s sleep prepared me for the day. Trip Beans organized the whole event with expert assistance from his wife Joy. Four schools participated in three tracks.

Today we worshiped at Wheatland Presbyterian Church in Lancaster as the closing session of the conference. Tomorrow I head to New England to visit UConn and Brown University, as well as some pastors. I’ll be preaching from Genesis 11 on Friday at Brown.

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