October 9, 2018 — Atlanta and North Carolina

The never-ending sewer project is finished. We hope. The boiler installer is returning today (we think) to adjust the hot water on our new gas boiler. And Ruth’s washer and dryer are back in operation. I still have some finishing touches to do in the basement, but the basement project is almost completed also. We accomplished a lot this summer, but I’m glad it’s over and I can focus on our ministry.

It’s not my place to judge, but it seems like we had a productive meeting with
RUF’s oversight committee last week. On Wednesday Rod Mays (our National Coordinator) gathered all the Coordinators and office staff in the morning, then the Coordinators worked to iron out some policy issues in the afternoon.

On Friday Ruth and I picked up her brother David and a friend and drove to North Carolina for the wedding of her nephew and a birthday party for her neice. It was a wonderful weekend and we returned last night.

I am presently waiting to board the plane for my trip to Mexico. I ordinarily visit there early in September, but a couple of other obligations required me to put it off. I’ll return on Friday in time for a missions conference this weekend.

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