September 30, 2018 — Lehigh and Delaware

The saga continues. We had a lot of rain last week, so the sewer project was put off until this week. Having set up visits to Lehigh University and the University of Delaware to stay close to home, I proceeded with those plans anyway.

I always enjoy spending a couple of days at Lehigh, where I was the campus minister for 10 years. This is Michael Goodlin’s second year, and he is a lot more comfortable than he was last year. I attended Noon Prayer, ate with students, and met with his intern. The rest of the time we discussed what is involved in growing a ministry as I entertained Michael’s extensive list of questions. Michael preached a great sermon at Large Group on Tuesday night, and Ruth and I enjoyed dinner with Michael and Natasha on Wednesday night.

Ruth came with me to Delaware on Thursday. Like Michael, Nick Owens arrived armed with a large pack of questions, which I enjoyed discussing. We spent an hour with one of Nick’s students, an amazingly capable fellow. In its fourth year, Nick’s ministry is growing nicely and is poised to become stronger in the next couple of years. Nick needed to get ready and gather students to travel to fall conference on Friday, so Ruth and I headed back home in the morning. Along the way we had a delightful lunch with the RUF committee chairman for the Heritage Presbytery.

Ruth and I went to Celtic Fest after church yesterday, then I flew to Atlanta for the fall meeting of RUF’s oversight committee. I’ll return late Wednesday night. Meanwhile, the plumbers finally arrived to do the sewer work. Ruth is providing the supervision.

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