September 23, 2018 — New Jersey and Vermont

We learned in the spring that we need to have some major work done on our sewer line. Discussion with contractors dragged through the summer, and we were finally notified that the work would begin last week. Then we learned that the job was moved a week later. So I scrambled together a trip to New Jersey to visit the RUF ministry at Rowan University. I had a pleasant and profitable time there on Monday and Tuesday.

This is the second year for Brent and Juli Kilman at Rowan. The looming issue last year was funding. This ministry is still not fully funded, but they have a healthy account for now. Brent and I discussed his ongoing fund-raising efforts, and if he stays focused, I think he will succeed in getting the support he needs. Meanwhile, on campus Brent is gathering students. He has several Bible studies and some students interested in leadership. The next major step is to gain university recognition, which we expect soon.

I neeeded to be in Vermont Wednesday morning, so I flew instead of driving as usual. I spent two days with John and Megan Meinen, and also some time with the local pastor, Joseph Pensak – a former RUF minister. It was a full schedule, but rewarding. I attended the Large Group Meeting on Wednesday night, where the worship was capably led by an engaging freshman who just started playing guitar a few years ago. John preached an outstanding sermon from Psalm 65 and I enjoyed meeting a wide variety of students. The ministry is still growing, and is now entering the phase in which most elements are in place – and the focus is on developing them to maturity.

The sewer contractor is supposed to come this Tuesday, so I will stay close to home this week. I’ll spend Tuesday and Wednesday at Lehigh, then Thursday and Friday in Delaware.

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