August 13, 2018 — At Home

In the absence of schedued events it seems like I don’t do much. But each day is filled with a parade of phone calls, emails, and minor chores which make a big difference in the end. So far this month I’ve talked and emailed with several RUF committee members, campus ministers, and coordinators. I installed a new daily planning app on my phone and computers, and a better note-taking app. I’ve been learning how to use them, and already they are helping me be more productive.

August is the only opportunity for me to engage in a major house project. This year I am repairing the basement walls, which had crumbling mortar. I am starting to see the end of this project. However, we also decided to switch from oil heat to gas, and this has involved additional work. The goal is to have everything working (better!) before I hit the road again next month.

I still need to finalize my fall schedule. Pray for wisdom as I work on this.