August 5, 2018 — Health Report

In contrast to the pace of a Campus Minister, the life of an Area Coordinator is fairly regular. The school year is not as hectic, but the summer is packed with work. Activity slows down a bit only in August, and even this month is full of preparation for fall travels.

I am mildly suprised at how often people ask about my health – I don’t think of it much – so here is an update. I had a stroke last May and spent nine days in the hospital, 11 days in a rehab facility, and six weeks doing out-patient therapy. I was able to go to staff training last July, but I was still recovering. By then the most noticeable result of the stroke was being more tired than normal. I was able to resume a full schedule of campus visits in the fall, with extra rest and time for therapy exercises reserved each day. After Christmas I stopped the therapy exercises (which took 1-2 hours per day) and returned to my normal strength exercises. During the spring I began needing less sleep and was feeling increasingly normal.

They tell me that it takes a year to recover from a stroke – or a year and a half – or two years. (They don’t really know!) At this point I seldom notice anything abnormal. Occasionally I will need to swallow extra hard or lean slightly in one direction, but these are trivial issues. I’m back to needing seven hours of sleep. The symptom I notice most is a slight tingling on my right side that comes and goes, but that is slowly disappearing and doesn’t affect my performance. I can’t think of anything I am unable to do. I took last summer to rest and recover. This summer I’ve been able to plunge back into home and garden activities. I saw the neuorologist and my family doctor last month, and both were pleased with my recovery.

I am intensely thankful to God for recovery. Some people are permanently disabled by a stroke, so I am especially grateful to recover full use of my faculties. May I use all my strength for His glory.