July 28, 2018 — Staff Training

I’m worn out, but I think I have enough energy to finish this post.

We had a good week at staff training in Atlanta. We had arrived early to take Monse to Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Athens, Georgia. They support the RUF ministry in Mexico City, and we were given a royal welcome. That evening we had dinner with Peter Dishman, who started RUF in Mexico, and his wife Lauren. Peter and Lauren are now leading an RUF ministry in Columbia.

The first part of the week John Cox, a Christian psychologist, taught us how to deal with difficult people and resolve conflict. The second half of the week was a compressed training. I filled my spare time with meeting each of the men I supervise to go over their plans for next year. Ruth attended the John Cox lectures and had meetings with the other wives. We wrapped up the week with dinner with Collin and Zurielly Jennings, who are raising support to start RUF in West Africa.

Today we got home in time for me to mow the grass and work on the basement project. Benjamin stopped in tonight and will leave in the morning. I’m looking forward to a day of rest!