July 21, 2018 — Preparing for Staff Training

This week started off well. Ruth waited until worship was over to check her phone for the score of the World Cup final on Sunday. We’ve enjoyed following the World Cup, and watched a few of the games.

We’re on our way to Atlanta for staff training next week. My primary concern this week was preparing. Along the way I joined a pastors lunch, consulted with Kristy (my assistant), participated in two video conference calls, worked on the summer newsletter, and spent an afternoon with supporters visiting from Texas. One video call was with the principle players in launching RUF at Stony Brook University on Long Island. I was given the task of creating a promotional handout by next Tuesday, so I set aside other things and completed that Thursday night. Peter stayed with us until Thursday, visiting current and potential supporters in the Lehigh Valley.

We’re going to Atlanta today because tomorrow we’ll be taking Monse, our Mexican staff, to visit a supporting church. Today I need to finish getting ready for next week, then work on the newsletter.