July 1, 2018 — General Assembly, etc.

The past three weeks have not been hectic, but they have been packed.

General Assembly I divide my time between meeting with people to discuss RUF ministry and attending scheduled events. This year I had conversations about starting RUF on Long Island and in upstate New York, I talked with two of the men involved in starting RUF at IUP, I caught up with the MTW man overseeing South America, I visited with colleagues in the Northeast and Atlanta, and more. One of the best parts of General Assembly is the worship services. Alexander Jun, the outgoing moderator, spoke one evening, and Joe Novenson, pastor in Tennessee, preached on another evening. Both were outstanding! I encourage you to follow the links below and listen to them.

Wednesday evening worship:
Thursday evening worship:

Interlude The following week I was at home every day but Friday. I had two lunch meetings and worked in the office. On Friday I drove to New Jersey to meet with the pastor of the church by Rowan University. While there I had lunch with Brent, the campus minister. The church and the campus ministry are growing – slowly, but steadily! In between RUF events I worked on repairing a section of wall in the basement where the mortar was rapidly falling from between the foundation stones.

Westminster Seminary Last week I went to Philadelphia for a meeting at Westminster Seminary. Westminster received a large grant from someone who wants to strengthen the ties between the seminary and RUF. About 20 current and former RUF men from all over the country met for three days of discussions. It was very productive, edifying, and a lot of fun!

Last Thursday Christopher popped in for a brief visit. He had one week off and flew in from Azerbaijan to see us and some friends. On Saturday Ruth and I went to a wedding and I almost finished the basement project.

I will be at home this week also. My primary project is to get ready for RUF Assessment next week.