June 12, 2018 — RUF Orientation

Last week started early with a 6:00 am flight to Atlanta for RUF Orientation. All the new campus ministers and interns came to be introduced to our systems for reporting expenses, tracking donations, etc. and for teaching on fund-raising and the mechanics of campus ministry. I discussed the churches of the Chesapeake Presbytery with the new RUF-I minister going to Johns Hopkins University, I took the new interns in my area out to dinner, and I had long conversations with Oliver and Kim Pierce who will be starting the RUF ministry at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. I also led the devotional one morning. It was a good week, and I got home Friday night in time to mow the grass.

I was planning to send this report yesterday on my flight back to Atlanta, but the WiFi on the plane was not working. I arrived here last night for the General Assembly of the PCA. I have already met a lot of people. It will be a busy week.