June 4, 2018 — Family Time

There was no fondue last Monday. ☹️ But Stephen is home from Korea and we have enjoyed having him around. I will be gone all of the next two weeks, so last week was catching up and preparing. I drove home from the RUF Chesapeake Bay Summer Conference; mowed the grass, weeded the garden, and pruned the lilac bush; paid the bills and recorded our expenses; met with Kristy Hard and Michael Goodlin.

Ruth’s nephew PJ is visiting for a couple of weeks. On Wednesday Stephen, PJ, and I drove out to Morgantown, WV, to help Peter remove a wall in his house. Most people, when they buy a house, make a few improvements, such as painting the living room and hanging pictures. Peter moved a staircase. I had helped him to remove the old staircase, but still remaining was the removal of the walls that enclosed it. This was a major project because they were load-bearing walls.

Daniel, Ginny, and Victoria decided to join the party, and Megan’s parents had arrived from Alaska for a visit. On Thursday we built two temporary walls, removed the old walls, and installed a massive beam to span the opening. The result was a pleasing opening between the kitchen and dining room which brightens the house. Ruth arrived Thursday evening and Benjamin Friday night. It was a full house!

Ruth, PJ, and I drove home last night and I got ready for this week’s trip. Now I am flying to Atlanta for a week of orientation for the new RUF ministers and interns. I’ll return in time for dinner on Friday.