May 27, 2018 — On the Bay

Like the week before, the weather forecast for last week was rain everyday. Praise God we were able to go on the beach all week! Some days we couldn’t take the boats out, but every day we had some sunshine.

John Stone returned to preach in the evening. It was a treat to hear him again, and Ruth and I got to have dinner with him one evening. I had good conversations with Trip Beans from Millersville and other campus ministers. Benjamin came down with the Millersville group. He was only reminded about sunscreen once from each of the four parents looking after him. Overall it was another terrific week of ministry, and Ruth and I were sad to leave.

But we were glad to get back home. Stephen met us at the airport, having arrived from Korea a few days earlier. After unloading our bags we all went out to dinner at a new local steakhouse. The house is still standing, but there is much to do after having been away for three weeks – especially with the grass!

Yesterday morning I drove to southern Maryland for the RUF Chesapeake Bay Summer Conference. Chris Garriott at University of Maryland organizes this conference for Maryland and Delaware schools that do not finish in time to go to the RUF conference in Florida. I was unable to come last year due to my stroke, so I was eager to join them this year. The 3½ hour drive took 5 hours, but it was worth it. There are over 80 participants here. Sammy Rhodes from SC is preaching, the other staff are taking turns leading seminars, and Daniel Snoke from Pittsburgh is leading worship.

We’ll wrap up tomorrow, and I will return home by dinner time. I hear we might be having fondue!