May 20, 2018 — Still at Panama City Beach

The bad news is that it was cloudy all week, with several rains. I was jogging one afternoon and was caught a half mile from camp in a torrential downpour. It is so warm here that was only a mild discomfort. The good news is that we had some sunshine every day! There were ample opportunities for the students to enjoy being at the beach.

I heard nothing but good reports about the ministry. Chad Scruggs preached in the evenings and was well received. The seminars were stimulating. I met with the men I supervise to review their recent reports and discuss planning for next year. Ruth did some babysitting for the young mothers here. I think I am caught up on office work (gasp!), and even had time to fix a minor bug in our Northeast website.

The week coming up has many fewer students. Benjamin came down with the Millersville students. John Stone will be preaching. Again the weather forecast is predicting rain every day. Pray for a little sunshine!