May 6, 2018 — Long Island and Florida

The major event last week was my trip to Long Island to check out the possibility of a new RUF at Stony Brook University and a new PCA church in the town. I drove out on Tuesday and toured the campus. I am told it is the premier school in the SUNY system. Most of the buildings seem new. Although there are a lot of commuting students, there are also a lot of dormitories, and a nice student center in the middle of campus. But no sign of religious life. It seems like a prime location for RUF to begin a new ministry.

I met with the headmaster of The Stony Brook School, which is located across the road from the university. He encouraged us to come, and thinks both an RUF and a new church will meet a definite need.

The next day I drove out to the eastern end of the island to meet with the pastor who called me to check out this possibility. Mark Middlekauff has been pastoring in Water Mill for 12 years. He showed me around Southampton, and we discussed the details of the project over lunch. My initial assessment is that we should begin working on this, but Rod Mays will have to give the official approval.

On the way home I stopped in Manhattan to visit Matt Terrell, our RUF campus minister there. It was a harrowing trip into the city, including a false turn which briefly sent me headed back east, but I made our appointment on time and had a wonderful time with Matt. The trip home was uneventful.

Perhaps that wasn’t in fact the major event of last week. Ruth and I spent Thursday packing and doing chores to prepare for our annual trip to Florida for RUF’s Summer Conference. It was a full day, but we accomplished everything. We flew down on Friday and have been settling in and keeping up with our work via internet. Staff began arriving yesterday and today, and students will arrive tomorrow.

This week I will meet with three of the men I supervise who will be here, but Tuesday to Thursday will participate in meetings with the other coordinators. In case you are wondering, it is warm and sunny here!