April 29, 2018 — Misc.

Last week truly was miscellaneous. I can’t think of anything better to call it. With my campus visits finished for the semester, my only travel was to Philadelphia on Wednesday to recruit for RUF at Westminster Seminary. A classmate of mine and former RUF minister, Rob Edwards, came from Virginia and preached an outstanding sermon in chapel. Then Rob and I hosted a lunch for 15 students who were interested in learning more about RUF. It was a productive event. That evening I had dinner with Oliver and Kim Pierce who are being considered for an RUF position.

The other fun event of the week was dinner with Michael and Natasha Goodlin here in Bethlehem. Michael is the new campus minister at Lehigh University, and it was good to catch up with them. Otherwise I worked on the things that get pushed aside – email, chores, etc. I edited my websites and created one for Peter. The biggest project  of the week was planting most of our garden. It finally dried out enough to work the soil. I hope to finish planting the warm-weather crops later this week.

This week we’ll wrap up things here and head to Florida on Thursday for the RUF Summer Conference.

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